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Faces of Fort Cavazos: Cpt. Eugene Savarimuthu spent 25 years as a Catholic priest before joining the Army

Posted: 2:26 PM, Dec 27, 2023
Updated: 2023-12-27 15:26:34-05
Faces of Fort Cavazos: Cpt. Eugene Savarimuthu

FORT CAVAZOS, Texas — There are a lot of jobs service members can choose from when they join the Army.

One of which, is serving the spiritual needs of their fellow soldiers.

This is a calling that Captain Eugene Savarimuthu, U.S. Army chaplain serving in the main post chapel on Fort Cavazos.

He’s a proud soldier whose story begins as a young boy on the southeast coast of India.

”My mom was my teacher from first grade to fifth grade, and then my dad was my teacher in public school,” Cpt. Savarimuthu said.

“After I received my confirmation when I was 13, I received God’s calling deep in my heart — I went to the seminary.”

That was ninth grade, and for the next 14 years he studied.

In 1997, he chose to become an ordained priest, and eventually made his way to America.

”They used to send priests for education abroad,” Cpt. Savarimuthu said.

“Especially Rome and France — I was good with my communication, and I was involved with a lot of ministry in the villages.”

After serving more than two decades as a Priest, it was time to take that work even further.

”After completing my 25 years of my priesthood, I was looking for, like Mother Teresa, a calling inside the calling,” Cpt. Savarimuthu said.

"Then my Air Force friends were continually inspiring me and requesting me.”

He was serving several members of the Air National Guard in New Jersey — where he found his calling withing a calling.

”I decided to join the Air Force, but I was too old to join,” Cpt. Savarimuthu said.

“Then, they encouraged me to join the Army.”

He was 49 when he took an oath protect and defend America.

”47 is the cut off year I think they gave me — because the catholic priests are very rare, they gave me two years of the age waiver,” Cpt. Savarimuthu said.

Now he serves what he says is the largest catholic community in the Army at Fort Cavazos.

”There’s a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of energy,” Cpt. Savarimuthu said.

"I thank God every day when I get up and I put the uniform on, and I go to these people who what to see as like a living example.”

This is an example of hope, love and humility.

Cpt. Savarimuthu is serving the spiritual needs of Catholics on post, and when the time comes, he will follow the direction of his bishop and go where the Lord tells him to go next.