What some soldiers and veterans say they prioritize before heading to the polls

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Posted at 10:32 AM, Oct 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-29 11:33:35-04

As election day draws closer, there are still some folks who haven't cast their vote.

While we all have issues that matter to us, active-duty soldiers have a different perspective on things when it comes to choosing their Commander in Chief.

No different from anyone else, some soldiers say they are concerned about the economy, coronavirus response, and the ongoing racial tension, but with the lingering thought of being deployed at any moment -one veteran says it's a feeling he will never forget.

"I chose to serve during a difficult time they were going through a difficult time again," said Dr. Jeffery Kirk.

After serving in the Army for over 2 decades and being deployed to Vietnam and North Korea, Dr. Jeffery Kirk, now the Dean of the College of Education and Human Development at A&M Central Texas, says he remembers always being on edge waiting for that call to go and serve his country.

He said, "'s kind of sort of like are always in the mode and preparing for the inevitable because it’s coming. Just don’t know when or why or where so you are kind of tied to the national and international events."

It's a call all active-duty soldiers await. Dr. Kirk says it's one of the many concerns soldiers consider when they head to the polls to pick a Commander in Chief, especially with the ongoing conflict overseas.

"We spent nearly 20 years in Afghanistan and 17 years in Iraq, and those folks are just starting to come home," said Dr. Kirk.

"There’s a lot of worry with these continual military commitments. Both candidates want to be able to draw down forces in Afghanistan and elsewhere but their approach to doing that is a little bit different," said Jerry Jones, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at A&M Central TX.

With a background in foreign policy and military history, Jerry Jones says both President Trump and Joe Biden have made their point clear as it relates to deploying military persona.l

He said, "President Trump has been consistent in saying that he wanted to do that sooner than later. Mr. Biden is more reluctant about a timetable calling for at least a modest force there for anti-terrorism work in that kind of thing."

"If you’re looking at a candidate in particular, you’re looking for someone who again has is your views your values and has your understanding of how the world works," added Dr. Kirk.

Funding is also one thing some soldiers say they want their Commander in Chief to prioritize to ensure they have what they need to protect this country and have secured benefits for their families if they do end up paying the ultimate sacrifice.