More information released on weekend shooting, investigation continues: Waco police

Posted at 6:34 PM, Oct 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-11 13:46:39-04

WACO, Texas — Waco police released more information Monday on a weekend shooting in the 1200 block of Speight Avenue.


According to police, the undentified male victim suffered from multiple gunshot wounds -- after an argument -- before officers were dispatched to the scene just before 2 a.m. Sunday.

The victim tried to stop an argument between a man and a woman - and then got into an argument with the male. Three other males joined in arguing with the victim.

During the altercation, the victim was “punched in the mouth and knocked to the ground,” Waco police said in a news release.

“After getting back up the victim began walking toward the suspect when the suspect then pulled out a gun, fired it in the air and then at the victim,” police said. “After shooting at the victim the suspect went to his vehicle to flee the scene.”

A Mart police officer, working off-duty security nearby, tried to detain the suspect after hearing the shots and going to investigate.

“... He watched the suspect fire and hit the victim,” police said. “The officer tried to detain the suspect, ordering the suspect to get out of his vehicle. The suspect accelerated toward the officer and that is when the Mart officer discharged his duty firearm, hitting the vehicle but unaware if the suspect was hit. The suspect drove off.”

The victim underwent surgery, police said, but his condition hasn’t been disclosed.

The investigation continues, police said.


Waco police are investigating a shooting that occurred early Sunday in the 1200 block of Speight Avenue.

The victim, a male, is expected to recover, according to police.

Police say the aggravated assault happened as a result of an argument.

Officers were dispatched to the scene shortly before 2 a.m. Sunday.

More information will be released "probably tomorrow," a police spokesperson said.