Disabled U.S. Marine and his family finally have a place to call home

Posted at 1:32 PM, Jan 08, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-08 14:32:16-05

NOLANVILLE, Texas — Life hasn’t been easy for the family of U.S. Marine corps disabled veteran George Spruell who is raising three young granddaughters with his wife Vanessa - living in a motel and even out of a car at one point

Things started to change for the better after the promise of a home was made from the Fort Hood area Habitat for Humanity.

The family now has a new home in Nolanville.

The first-time homebuyers say they can finally give their girls a safe place, warm place to lay their heads.

Vanessa Spruell habitat for humanity recipient said “because living in a car, you can’t make a future in the car. You can’t make a future living in a motel. That’s very stressful for a child to live in a hotel or to live in a vehicle and still try to go out there and get an education and still make it look like it’s going to be ok.”

The house was built in less than 70 days, these volunteers say more people could get involved as many more deal with home insecurity.

Creating a stable living environment that makes new memories for a lifetime.

Now the Spruell’s no longer must worry about shelter, the Spruell says many more are in need.

“I feel so happy, I feel so joy now. I feel like I can lift that heavy weight off my back, you know what I’m saying. But yes, everyone needs a chance, and they gave us a chance me and the girls and I’m very happy now,” said Vanessa Spruell.