DeSoto school district closes schools, starts spring early after violent fight video goes viral

Posted at 6:59 PM, Mar 11, 2022

DESOTO, Texas — A Texas school district has decided to close schools early for spring break after multiple fights broke out and videos began circulating online.

A video has gone viral on social media depicting a student throwing chairs at their substitute teacher,76, who in turn throws chairs back.

Other students are heard laughing, screaming, yelling, and condemning in the background.

The fight occurred Wednesday afternoon at DeSoto West Middle School in Dallas County. Early reports from the DeSoto ISD say the incident resulted from a routine safety drill.

The parent alleges the school did not take proper measures during the drill to account for the student's safety, according to DISD, which escalated. DISD claims all proper procedures took place during the drill.

In the video, blood is streaming from the substitute teacher's face. There are currently unverified reports circling on social media that the injury was not caused by the chairs, but by a student removing the teacher's hearing aid.

DeSoto police are currently investigating and said in a press release they will have a larger presence to prevent further violent incidents.

On Thursday, an unrelated fight broke out at DeSoto High School in the cafeteria when a heated argument turned violent. DISD made a decision to close schools and start spring break early after learning about the multiple fights. Teachers; however, still reported on Friday to discuss changes in safety policies.

"The actions of those featured in the video are not reflective of the larger body of students and staff of DeSoto ISD," said DISD. "It is important to note that unauthorized filming within the school setting and the posting of such content online are violations of the DeSoto ISD Student Code of Conduct which could result in disciplinary action in accordance with district guidelines."

Many community members have expressed their opinions on the district and local police's social media accounts showing their support for the teacher and say there needs to be more safety measures in place for teachers and more accountability held against students and their parents.

Celebrities have also expressed their shock and disappointment about the actions shown in the video. The "Up" singer Cardi B tweeted her disdain against the students' behavior in the video.

"Disgusting this generation is really lost...I went to school wit [sic] a lot of gangstas and no matter what they never put their hands on a teacher... kids this not respected, not cool, not funny, not tough, not gangsta," said Cardi B in a tweet.

Community members have also raised concerns of the district taking action such as forbidding cellphones and possibly punishing students who recorded the incident, saying it limits transparency and could be detrimental in regards to safety in an emergency.

Neither the student's name nor the substitute teacher have been disclosed.

DISD says they have reached out to the family and to date have not received a response from a parent.