Mayborn Museum Complex offers online learning tools

Posted at 9:50 PM, Apr 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-16 22:50:21-04

You better grab some glue and crayons. The Mayborn Museum Complex may be closed, but museum lovers can still get to see their favorite exhibits, and make some crafts while they are at it.

It’s visiting a museum, without even leaving your own home.

The Mayborn Museum is now posting interactive virtual learning sessions on their website and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

“Each of the activities that we release include a resource guide, too. So there is an opportunity to dive deeper into the activity. It will have instructions and different things you can look at if you want to learn more about what you just learned," said Rebecca Nall.

The videos are designed for active learning.

Parents and kids can work together to create crafts or print interactive learning materials like bingo cards or puzzles.

“We just tried to be really thoughtful about what supplies people would have, and what we have around our houses. We are also trying to keep that same hands on nature that we have at the museum so being able to manipulate things and play with different materials and explore maybe what you find in your backyard,” said Emily Clark.

The hardest part for kiddos at home is often not being able to see other kids.

The museum has now started doing virtual classrooms through zoom where children can interact with a teacher and other students every Monday through Wednesday.

“As students show up in this digital classroom - a lot of times they will be holding something that they already found, and they will want to show everybody like show and tell in their living room, and they will ask ‘what is this,’” said Alan Small.

Mayborn Museum sends out a survey after every session to find out what students are interested in for next time.

It looks like next week’s topic just might be dinosaurs.

The interactive classrooms will be open to everyone signed up for the museum’s e-newsletter starting next week. You can sign up at