House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reveals $3 trillion coronavirus relief package

Posted at 10:38 PM, May 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-12 23:38:44-04

Americans could see another round of coronavirus aid.

"It was known even at the time that the CARES Act passed that further legislation would probably be necessary, because the CARES Act would keep us going for a couple of months," said Dr. Jeffrey Dixon, associate professor of political science at A&M - Central Texas.

On Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi revealed a more than $3 trillion coronavirus relief package.

The extensive bill would provide aid to essential workers and a new round of $1,200 cash payments to individuals, increased to up to $6,000 per household. Food stamps would also see a 15% increase under the bill.

Pelosi spoke on the need for additional aid just last Thursday.

"Kind of followed the CARES model, it had $150 billion for state and local. We'll have to do very much more than that, and Democrats and Republicans around the country, governors, mayors, county officials, et cetera have been calling out for this funding," said Pelosi.

Last week, 25 News asked Senator John Cornyn about the possibility of another direct stimulus payment.

"I think it's possible. That was really sort of used as an emergency lifeline to people that didn't have any income coming in the front door. Meanwhile, they had the necessities of life, putting food on the table and so forth," said the senator.

Associate professor Dr. Jeffrey Dixon just finished teaching a course on politics and the economy.

"One of the things we did was a short unit on the current economic crisis and the stimulus package that Congress passed back in March," he said.

Dixon says if passed, the most significant part of the bill known as the HEROES Act would be providing direct assistance for people who can't make ends meet. The bill would continue the $600-per-week boost to unemployment benefits through January.

"Because we have double digit unemployment," said Dixon.

The House is expected to vote on the new coronavirus relief package as soon as Friday. However, experts say the Senate is unlikely to pass a bill like this one without some major changes.

The HEROES Act also includes a $175 billion housing assistance fund to help pay rents and mortgages and throws in 75 billion more dollars for virus testing.