Here is how some Central Texans are dealing with being at home

Posted at 10:03 PM, Apr 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-10 23:55:05-04

Remaining sane while enduring the COVID quarantine...that's the ultimate challenge.

So, how do families survive the coziness of close quarters with the ones they love?

While millions of families are hunkered down together at home binge-watching their favorite movies, trying to pass the time, Scott and Rebecca Hardie decided to do something a little different.

"We decided to make a movie" said Scott (a freelance graphic designer who works from home).

Not only that, Rebecca (the owner of a salon that is currently shutdown) told 25 News they also started a podcast with their three sons (two of which are in college) and a family friend that lives with them.

With all of those people under one roof, Rebecca has one rule when it comes to food.

"The first rule I put in place was no eating out of boredom. You can't be that hungry all the time," she said.

Setting ground rules and tapping into their creativity, that is two ways the Hardie family is managing their time.

But for Scott Bryant, a business programs instructor with MCC, the challenge is balancing teaching online courses from his home, while also keeping his two young children entertained.

"A couple of days ago, I ran into Walmart and got a couple of tarps and we made a 50-foot slip-n-slide in the vacant lot next door to us, so we did that. Had a good time," he said.

For South Bosque Elementary 4th grade teacher and mother, Amber Brown, she stays occupied virtually with her students, but also with a new family member.

"We've gotten to know our neighbors really well. We also got a new puppy-she keeps us entertained."

But what if couples like Andrew and Karla Fraijo, a husband and wife real estate team and parents of four kids, want some alone time?

Their best advice?

"If at any point we need some husband and wife time," says Karla,"we know that that's not going to happen unless the kids go down. You know, 8:00 rolls around and Andrew and I have an hour, hour and a half to just hang out, catch up, we'll you some fun stuff."

With several weeks into the quarantine and no end in sight for now, we could all learn new coping skills to stay productive and positive and, according to Mrs. Brown, "Stay flexible and learn as much as you can about technology."