Graduating senior spreads message of gratitude during this uncertain time

Posted at 1:23 PM, Apr 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-08 14:23:24-04

TEMPLE, TX — "If this has taught our class and our society anything, it is to never take for granted what we casually overlook," wrote 17-year-old Summer Stewart, in a Facebook post.

Stewart is set to graduate in the coming months, from Troy High School and Temple College with an associate in bio-science.

She says, as her many classmates, she was looking forward to the end of her 2020 senior year.

“I know a lot of my friends were looking forward to prom, and finishing out their high school careers in sports, for me I was looking forward to graduation," said Stewart.

When classes moved online in precaution of COVID-19, she like her classmates carried on as usual.

Though, she said it was after hearing one question that her perspective came into focus.

“They were like 'are you a senior, when are you graduating?' And I said 'yes I am a senior', and they immediately were just like, their face just dropped" said Stewart.

She went on to say "I was just really confused, with all of these people suffering it really was the last thing on my mind."

Explaining this is not the time to be reflecting on the negatives, instead, this time should be spent being grateful for the many people serving at the front lines.

“First responders, doctors, and nurses, they can’t even see their families right now...they’re sacrificing their safety and sanity for us,” said Stewart.

Inspired she took to Facebook writing in part "for myself, before the sorrow and uncertainty of graduation, prom, senior trips, and assemblies, my heart finds a higher priority for the individuals and their loved ones who have been tested positive and/or have passed away due to this pandemic, first responders, individuals with compromised immune systems, pregnant women, individuals who cannot see their loved ones due to our current situations, small business owners, and health care professionals who have sacrificed their safety and sanity for us."

Explaining before this, she didn't realize the many things in her daily life she could appreciate more.

“One thing I want people to take away from this is, to never take anything for granted, you know I personally took a lot for granted, and a lot of my friends took the field for the last time, and they said goodbye to their friends the day before spring break, maybe for the last time, so I want people to know that you know, never take anything for granted, life is such a gift, so just live in the present, spread joy, spread kindness, that’s all that we can do right now.“

At this time Stewart said her school has yet to confirm when graduates will walk the stage, but she looks forward to when the moment comes.