CTX woman donated to United Way for years, then leaned on them after losing part of her foot

Posted at 10:55 PM, Jun 16, 2020

Denise Mann started giving to the United Way because they help the community during disasters.

"Me and my mother have been donating ever since I was 18. She matched whatever I put in," she said.

But she never imagined they would help her through a personal crisis.

"One night I woke up with a Charley wasn't going away, so I went to Scott & White," explained Mann.

It was a blood clot that traveled from her heart to her leg.

"I was there for 76 days," said Mann.

Three-fourths of her foot had to be amputated, and she spent three years in a wheelchair, then a walker. But her insurance would not cover a prosthesis.

"I went to a very healthy person to someone who didn't want to live no more," said Mann.

A social worker put her in touch with the United Way of Central Texas, who helped Mann through their Bridges Program.

"They made a prosthetic that was awesome. Between the United Way and the grace of God, there I go," she said.

Now her story inspires others.

"It's allowed me to walk. It's allowed me to ride my motorcycle. I can swim. I can run after the grand babies," said Mann.

That's not all. The prosthesis rebuilt her strength, and now she can walk without it.

"The love that people show for people they don't even know...give, give, give. Because it all stays in Central Texas. If you think you're down, call them. It's a blessing. It is a blessing," said Mann.

Your donation, no matter how big or small, helps thousands of Central Texas. To donate, click here.