Central Texas gyms prepare to reopen Monday

Posted at 5:36 PM, May 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-15 18:38:01-04

People have never been more excited to get back into the gym. After over seven weeks, gyms are finally able to reopen.

In just a little over 48 hours, Underground Performance Training Compound will reopen, and they have been busy at work getting everything ready so athletes can stay safe while getting in a good workout.

It has not been an easy wait for Sandy and Joey Delaney, owners of Underground Performance Training Compound.

“We had one day when we were told we were closing up completely, and in a case like Joel and I, that is all of our income. We went into getting some loans and things and we’re too small, we just really didn’t qualify for a whole lot. We ended up getting $1,000 from the disaster loan,” said Sandy Delaney.

But now that they’re re-opening, the gym has deep cleaned all equipment, nailed down all machines six feet apart, and got rid of the gym chalk to purchase an antibacterial liquid grip gel instead.

Members will also be required to sanitize equipment after use.

“The governor requires full fingers being covered.. So these are just some football gloves because they are tacky. So just a full fingered glove that covers the wrist to the finger,” said Joey Delaney.

Whether it be starting with some light cardio, or taking it slow with some walking lunges. You can stay safe at your local gym by wearing your favorite gloves and maintaining social distancing so you can get a sweat on.

“Were just excited to see them and things get back to normal. The new normal,” said Sandy Delaney.

Mr. Delaney says it’s important to remember to work your way back up to 100 percent effort and not push too hard the first week back so you do not compromise your immune system or risk getting an injury.

Underground Performance Training Compound is just one of the gyms reopening on Monday. Crunch Fitness and Gold’s Gym in Waco will also reopen.

Be sure to call your local gym to make sure they are opening. Some gyms may still be offering only limited services.