Comedian performs anti-Russian rap for Plano officials

Posted at 7:29 PM, Mar 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-17 20:33:31-04

PLANO, Texas — YouTuber and social media troll, Alex Stein, performed an atypical rap for Plano's city council about rising gas prices and the Russia-Ukraine war.

Stein is a Texan native born and raised in Dallas. He is a comedian who often goes by "Primetime Alex Stein" who performs stunts at public governing meetings about social and political issues. Many of his videos critique both left and right-leaning politicians and policies.

Plano is not the first Texas city he has done his stunts in; he has done similar actions in Houston and Dallas multiple times, and has also done his antics outside of Texas and even the United States; participating in Zoom meetings based in Canada and New Zealand.

In his newest performance, Stein repeats anti-Russian and pro-Ukrainian sentiments multiple times.

"Putin's got to die. Put a bullet in Putin's hеad, yeah that's what I said," is a lyric he says multiple times and echoes his support for Lindsay Graham's statement calling for Putin's assassination, featured in another lyric.

"Do it for the Ukraine, before I go insane," says Stein in his song.

Stein briefly mentions the rising gas prices in his song along with vaccines despite his facetious attitude to the pandemic in previous videos and posts.

"I'm a freak for the vaccine, vaccinate my body," he says.

As the song continued, Stein became more animated with taking off his jacket and becoming noticeably winded.

The video went viral on social media with many people enjoying his performance. Some were laughing with him, others, at him. Some in the audience were seen stifling their laughter during the rap, and he received applause upon finishing. While some in the seats were entertained, most councilmembers did not share the same feelings and remained stoic during and after.

The person who followed Alex Stein is also believed to be another comedian pulling a different kind of stunt.

To watch the rap, click below: