'Bad blood': Swifties suing TicketMaster, alleging anti-competitive practices

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Posted at 7:38 AM, Dec 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-05 08:38:55-05

(CNN NEWSOURCE) — The title of one of Taylor Swift's biggest songs is sort of perfect for her fans' feelings about TicketMaster: 'Bad blood.'

More than two dozen 'swifties,' as her fans are known, are suing the ticketing giant and its parent company, live nation.

They say TicketMaster broke anti-trust and other laws in the now infamously chaotic sales process for swift's "The eras tour."

The suit alleges the companies engaged in anti-competitive practices - charging higher prices on fans in the pre-sale, sale, and re-sale market.

According to the plaintiffs, TicketMaster forced concertgoers to exclusively use its site and controlled all registration and access to the tour.

Swifties want the companies to fork over a 25-hundred dollar penalty for each violation.

That could be quite expensive, based on the millions of angered fans who didn't get tickets.

Ticketmaster has apologized to fans... And said that the demand, along with an elevated number of bot attacks, drove unprecedented traffic to the site and essentially broke it.