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Saving "La Familia": The Vaccines

Vaccines are everywhere these days
Saving La Familia:  Little Joe vs COVID II
Posted at 1:38 PM, Jan 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-04 16:06:30-05

TEMPLE, TX — " I think the highest i went was 105... that's enough... ha ha ha.." With a temperature of 105 and trouble breathing, Little Joe, the King of Tejano music arrived at the hospital near his home to find it busier and DFW on the day before Christmas.

"The doctor came by they were so busy and they checked me out I said well this guy's not dead yet so just to go home yeah I get to go home you know three four hours later".

Jam-packed hospitals forced the public health crowd to get creative once vaccines became available, as Little Joe recovered and started urging his fans to get the protection.

Last year we took you along as Dr. Christy Reisinger of Austin got her vaccine at work.

We told you how astros fans could get a bobble-head with a shot.

"Bobbleheads are fun, you know, we give out stickers people love the stickers, but ultimately it's about convenience, it's about making it easy in your busy life, to find time to get that shot.." said Kelly Craine, formerly of the Waco-McLennan County Health District

And as the vaccine demand slowed, the focus did turn to convenience.

Check out these examples from the web:

From drug stores to a German bar with a tribute to a Marxist political figure... quartz dot com even says you can get a COVID vaccine at Westminster Abbey.

From Grocery stores, to abandoned stores in dying malls.... everything's getting re-purposed in the name of beating the corona virus.

Wanna get a shot and learn to cook Italian, the Italian cultural center has your back. and speaking of backs, you can even get shot under the backside of the giant whale at the New York Museum of Natural History.

"Well, I think all those things are really good for helping encourage more people to become vaccinated." said Dr. William McCunniff, Baylor Scott & White Hillcrest Midway Clinic.

And Dr. Christy has good news about a new vaccine aimed at those who want the more traditional Novavax treatment.

"Recently Novavax announced it will apply for emergency use authorization in the United States by the end of the month and it has already been given authorization by the world health organization" said the Internal Medicine Physician.

So maybe you could get your next shot with where else? Dracula's castle in Transylvania.... or how about super virus protection at the super bowl?

Unusual times, call for unusual measures.

You might even get a shot at a Little Joe and La Familia concert.

"I was hoping and praying that it was we were done with but as long as people are un- vaccinated, it's going to continue to spread and we're going to continue to lose family friends That dangerous virus and very contagious. They still need to try and avoid it. They need to get vaccinated, said Little Joe.

... for the sake of his family, his family of fans..and all the potential fans... en la famila.

Have you had your COVID booster yet? for many of us, the time has come to consider that next step in our COVID protection.

With help from a Central Texas celebrity and a move to get more vaccines out to where people gather, getting a COVID booster could be easier than getting your first shot.

"Now I just went in when I went to the hospital. He put me in a room," said Little Joe after his COVID infection began to affect his breathing. He arrived at the hospital to find it busier than he'd ever seen.

"I guess they were looking. It was emergency room and the doctor was so busy and they checked."

SO busy in fact that doctors had begun only admitting patients in the worst shape.

It underscores why Little Joe never misses a chance to mention COVID Vaccinations in conversations... and especially in his shows.

As huge government-run vaccine clinics offered first vaccine doses, experts began planning to bring the shots to us where we happen to be.

Dr. Christy Reisinger of Austin happened upon a vaccine clinic at the New Orleans Airport.

"We walked up and saw this pop-up clinic offered through Oshler Healthcare.Super easy you just walk up they have all the vaccines here no wait it's absolutely free, she said."

"Getting our booster shots today....I've got Moderna, for my first two. Christy did Pfizer a while ago" said Dr. Christy's husband, Matt.

And it's important to note, neither Dr. Christy nor her husband suffered any serious side effects from the the boosters.

"The booster does at least give a little more protection than just your fist and second shots. That why i went ahead and got my booster and encouraged Matt to do the same," she said.

And because it helps keep hospital traffic down, so everyone can get the best care.

As little Joe left the hospital he took a look at the paperwork doctors handed him and got a bit of a surprise.

"They kept me a while but they were so busy. And the doctor came by and asked Why are you here? And I said because I am COVID But But why are you here and I told my symptoms. So they checked me I had pneumonia."

And little joe says, Surprises like that, don't have to happen if you get the vaccine.

And when it comes to boosters, joe says, he was first in line..

"They need to get vaccinated that's I've had my third shot.Yeah, and I was ready for it. You know?"

We DO know, thanks in part, to Little Joe and La Famlia and others who spoke up in the name of public health.

Dr. Christy Reisinger updates the health-consious regularly through her YouTube Page.

Little Joe and La Familia provide updated concert information and souvenier items a theLittle Joe Y La Familia website