Timeline: Total solar eclipse takes its final bow over the US

The solar eclipse, when the moon's shadow was cast across the U.S. as it moved between the sun and Earth, took place Monday.
Total solar eclipse takes its final bow over the US
Posted at 11:59 AM, Apr 08, 2024

Millions of Americans saw a rare astronomical phenomenon Monday as a total solar eclipse moved across the continental U.S. for the first time since 2017. Outside of the path of totality across 13 states, there was a partial view of the moon blocking the sun. 

In general, total solar eclipse events are not that rare. What's rare is where it is visible. The next one to be seen from anywhere in the U.S. won't happen until 2044.  

Here's a timeline of Monday's events:

-----3:38p.m. ET-----

The solar eclipse totality has exited the continental U.S. and will continue its path across Canada. See you in 2044. 

-----3:34 p.m. ET-----

We've reached the final moments of the total solar eclipse in the U.S. as totality passes over Maine before it will continue over Canada.

-----3:25 p.m. ET-----

The eclipse is making its final run in the U.S., heading over New York into the northern tips of Vermont and New Hampshire before exiting through Maine. 

-----3:20 p.m. ET-----

Totality leaves Cleveland, Ohio and begins across Buffalo, New York. Niagara Falls is seen covered in darkness behind Scripps News Buffalo Correspondent Michael Schwartz. 

-----3:10 p.m. ET-----

Indianapolis Motor Speedway is coated in darkness from the moon's shadow as totality continues across the Midwest. 

-----3:04 p.m. ET-----

One of the most popular destinations for viewing totality of the eclipse is Indianapolis. Crowds prepare to view the spectacular sight at a ticketed event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 

-----3 p.m. ET----- 

The view of totality ends in Arkansas as the eclipse moves across the southern tips of Missouri and Illinois towards Indiana.

-----2:50 p.m. ET----- 

Crews from Scripps News Tulsa take in the views of totality as it covers Russellville, Arkansas. 

-----2:40 p.m. ET----- 

Totality passes over Waco, Texas, nearly reaching the state's border with Oklahoma and Arkansas. Crews with Scripps News Waco take in the event in wonderment. 

-----2:33 p.m. ET----- 

The crowd at a viewing event in Kerrville, Texas erupts in cheers as eclipse totality leaves the area in darkness and cloud cover breaks for a brief moment. 

-----2:27 p.m. ET----- 

The U.S. is getting its first look at totality as the total solar eclipse crosses over the country's border with Mexico in Texas. 

-----2:07 p.m. ET----- 

The total solar eclipse left Mexico's beach city of Mazatlan on the country's Pacific coast with minutes of twilight-like darkness. 

-----1:35 p.m. ET----- 

Enthusiasts in Kerrville, Texas, located about 65 miles northwest of San Antonio, are starting to get a glimpse of the partial eclipse through the cloud cover. Totality won’t happen for another hour.  

-----12:35 p.m. ET-----

The moon has started to cover up the sun over the South Pacific region as millions gather to find the best viewing spots in the U.S. Mexico's Pacific coast will begin to see a view of the totality around 2 p.m. ET, marking its first location in North America. 

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