Hollywood makes its way to The Brazos Valley

Posted at 4:38 PM, Aug 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-12 18:19:39-04

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Lights. Camera. Action.

Hollywood has made its way to The Brazos Valley, as one local business is getting their opportunity to be featured on the silver screen.

Located not too far from the Wellborn water tower stands The Hullabaloo Diner.

A hidden gem in the community for the past 16 years, one regular says why this place is worth all the buzz it’s getting.

“First of all its like Cheers [sitcom], kind of like a rough-house bar, the food is immaculate here and we feel like family here that’s what keeps us coming back – also we live 4 miles from here.” Said a Hullabaloo regular Mike Meinscher.

But this is not the first time The Hullabaloo Diner gets its time in the spotlight.

The diner has been featured on The Food Network show; ‘Diners, Drive-ins and Dives’ with Guy Fieri, and a taping for a music video.

Richard Risbon The Hullabaloo owner says the dust is still settling from production.

“Quite the operation – it’s still not all put back together from when they took everything a part but we are getting there.” Said Risbon.

With the increased exposure, Stacey Vasquez, The Economic Development Coordinator says this puts College Station’s film accreditation to work.

“I think it’s going to attract more production teams to our area to film – in turn when they’re here of course they are going to play a part in increasing our economy because they are going to visit our local restaurants and our entertainment venues as well as providing a space for visitors and tourists to come.” Said Vasquez.

Risbon says he has a strong feeling his restaurant hasn’t seen the last of this film crew.

“The filming company that was here of course used the diner and they really were impressed with the bar and the deck work, they all kind of hung out and said we have to find a way to figure out how we can use this area so that’ll be interesting what happens in the future.” Laughed Risbon.

The Long Game is still in production and based on a true story, about a group of Mexican boys in Del Rio, Texas who were not allowed to play at a whites-only country club in the 1950′s. The film will be hitting screens sometime in 2023.

Despite all the glitz and glam given to The Hullabaloo Diner,

Risbon says he’s in much need of workers to keep this landmark thriving another 16 years.