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Italy now offers ‘digital nomad’ visa program for remote workers

Italy now offers ‘digital nomad’ visa program for remote workers
Posted at 8:30 AM, Apr 22, 2024

Ever dreamed of transplanting yourself to Italy, soaking up the mild climate, amazing food and relatively affordable economy, all while still working remotely?

Well, now you can. The Italian government officially launched its “digital nomad” visa program on April 4 after first announcing it in March 2022. Successful applicants can get a visa to work remotely in Italy for a year, with the chance to renew annually.

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In order to qualify for a digital nomad visa, you must:

  • Make at least 28,000 euros a year, which is currently about $29,826
  • Be a skilled worker with a college degree, professional license or significant work history
  • Have health insurance that covers you in Italy
  • Not have a criminal conviction in the last five years
  • Have worked remotely for at least six months in your industry
  • Have an employer-provided contract showing that you work in a job that requires the requisite skills and education; the Italian Consulate may also ask for engagement letters or other evidence of employment for freelancers
  • Show proof you have a place to stay in Italy
  • Have a valid passport
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To apply, you need to make an appointment with your nearest Italian consulate and bring all the required paperwork. The cost to apply is 116 euros, or about $124.

Even better? Approved digital nomad/remote worker visa holders for Italy can also bring their immediate family (spouse, children, sometimes parents) with them.

Once in Italy, you must go to the police headquarters in the area where you will live within eight days of arrival to register as a resident. You also need to figure out all the tax implications for your situation (i.e., paying U.S. or Italian taxes) and get a value-added tax (VAT) identification number.

All that said, make sure you give yourself several months from first contacting your Italian consulate to when you want to start living and working in Italy.

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You’ll be among an increasing number of Americans moving to Italy if you do decide to get a digital nomad visa. The country remains among the top 10 that Americans head for when they decide to live elsewhere.

Like the idea of working abroad but want to explore somewhere other than Italy?

A number of other countries also have digital nomad visa programs or programs that allow for remote work within the country. These include Spain, Malta, Croatia, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Bali, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Malaysia, Portugal, Colombia, Mexico and Saint Lucia. Each country has varying requirements to qualify for the visa.

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