Wrestling match to benefit Mart youth softball and baseball league

Posted at 8:18 AM, Jun 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-25 09:18:47-04

MART, TX — The town of Mart is getting ready for a big wrestling match this Sunday, but the event isn't all fun and games.

The wrestling event is actually a philanthropy event to benefit Mart's youth softball and baseball leagues.

"A live event like this is always difficult, trying to make sure you've got the lighting right, making sure you have the right venue, making sure that you have the right audio, video equipment," says Henry Witt III, the event organizer.

The event hosted by the Heart of Texas wrestling is bringing in some of the best independent professional wrestlers.

"It's more than just a couple of guys fighting each other, we try to put on a really good show, and at the same time raise money for a good cause. It's a little unorthodox way to raise money but the first community events that we've had are baseball games right, so I think it's natural to raise money for the baseball association being as that's the first thing that's really pulled the community back together," says Witt III.

With a fundraising goal of $1,000, the money is expected to go into repairs at Rucker Park, where the teams practice and play their games.

"Try to upgrade on the bench, the dugout, the field in itself, we got two stands over there, and only one over here," says Lonnie Green, a youth softball coach who says the team is headed to state championships July 5th and says the wrestling match is the perfect way for the team to let loose, before swinging back into practice mode.

"I can't even talk about how hard they worked, how good they are with teamwork, and how their hearts are in the game," says Green

Money from the fundraiser is also set to help with travel expenses as the softball and baseball teams hope to continue to raise the bar on Mart athletics.

"Softball and baseball, when they come together they come together strong. They give it their all and that's what we're trying to do now is make Mart not just a football town but a sports town."

Doors open for the wrestling match this Sunday at 5 pm. To get your tickets, head to their website.