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Undocumented woman found in engine bay of truck: Officials

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Posted at 5:53 PM, Jul 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-05 18:53:47-04

MCMULLEN COUNTY, Texas — An undocumented immigrant was rescued in the engine bay of a pickup truck on Sunday in McMullen County, authorities said.

According to officials, the female Mexican citizen was under the hood for hours in the triple-digit heat with her head and arms crammed in the dashboard while the driver transported her unlawfully across borders. Her legs lay in the glove compartment.

engine bay.jpg
Glove compartment where the victim's legs lay

A local deputy was conducting a traffic stop under Operation Stone Garden when he came across the truck with a license plate belonging to another vehicle. Authorities say the Mexican national was told she was destined for Atlanta to be reunited with her aunt. Officials pointed out that Atlanta is a hotspot for young women being trafficked into the sex industry.

engine bay 2.jpg
Engine bay where victim's head and head lay

The driver was interrogated for hours and was later arrested after officials confirmed the woman was indeed being trafficked. The driver was hired by the Mexican Cartel and paid thousands of dollars to transport her to San Antonio, the "first destination," authorities said.

The condition of the woman was not disclosed. Officials did not mention whether the driver was arraigned or granted a bail order.