TxDOT's annual Click it or Ticket campaign now underway through June

Posted at 6:32 PM, May 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-24 19:32:25-04

The simple act of putting on a seat belt can save you a lot of money and your life.

In 2020 alone there were over 2,700 vehicle crashes in Texas that ended in serious or fatal injuries due to not wearing a seat belt.

These crashes leave a question that Law Enforcement has to answer all too often.

”We have to notify the families and that’s when the questions that the families ask, in your opinion, if they had their safety belt on would they have survived? In the majority of the times, it’s yes,” said Sgt. Bryan Washko, Texas Department of Public Safety.

Through June 6th, Law Enforcement is working hand in hand with TxDOT to enforce seat belt laws in the state of Texas, The Click it or Ticket Campaign that was very effective last year.

”Over 1,000 stops. That’s going to be a combination of warning and seat belt tickets. It didn’t specify how many of either. But, there was over 1,000 traffic stops that focused mainly on seat belt violations and that included children,” said Sgt. Washko.

Medical professionals believe this campaign is needed because it’s not just death you risk from not wearing a seat belt, it can also be a serious life-long injury.

”As far as hitting another object or having a traumatic brain injury or spinal injury, that’s going to be more common without your seat belt on,” said Kayla Cehand, Trauma and Forensics program Manager, BS&W Temple.

It's not just you at risk that’s why the folks at Baylor Scott and White help parents keep their child safe too, through child passenger safety courses.

”As a service to our community, so we often have first-time moms or repeated moms who want to make sure they have installed their car seat correctly,” said Cehand.

Drivers and passengers 15 years or older can face fines and court costs of up to $200 if caught not wearing their seat belt.