Texas woman dies in train accident days after giving birth to premature baby

Posted at 1:39 PM, Nov 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-28 14:39:20-05

HOUSTON, TX — A Texas family is mourning after a woman was killed in a train accident days after giving birth to a premature baby.

James Clay Junior was the one who got the call Thanksgiving Eve that his sister, Rhonda Clay, was killed after the car she was in got hit by an Amtrak train.

"That's my best friend we grew up together," said James Junior. "I'm gonna truly miss her," said Rhonda's father, James. "Until you get put in this role, you're just numb," said her mother, Casandra.

They say her friend, Brittinie Green, was the one who was driving during the accident.

Green and Clay were leaving the hospital.

Rhonda had just given birth to a premature baby not long ago. She had a c-section and apparently was having stomach pains.

According to police, Green drove around the rail-road arms and the car was hit. Rhonda was ejected out of the vehicle.

Green has been charged with manslaughter. She's still in the hospital recovering.

"I know God did not make a mistake ..My faith will take me through this and I know that. And he does things for a reason," said Rhonda's mother.

The investigation into this tragic accident is still on going but the family told KTRK they truly believe that their daughter's friend had no intentions of anything happening that night. They say they believe it's possible the tire of the vehicle got stuck somehow on the tracks that lead to the terrible accident.

"I'm not upset with Brittinie. I know she would not do anything to hurt Rhonda. My prayers are with her so she can make it and everything will be ok," said Rhonda's father.

As a family, they will raise Rhonda's newborn baby girl.