Texas mother along with father who had 'extreme anger issues' charged in infant's death

Posted at 6:21 PM, Jul 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-13 19:24:51-04

Two Texas parents have been arrested after their 8-month-old infant was found dead in their apartment with “heavy” bruising and swelling, according to arrest affidavits.

Odessa police said 23-year-old Kameron Gammage is charged with injury to a child causing serious injury. Gammage reportedly has "extreme anger issues" and has recently killed several dogs as well, according to the affidavits.

Police said Leyla Pierson, 18, is also charged with injury to a child/criminal negligence.

Around 12:52 p.m. on Tuesday officers responded to Brady Station Apartments at 4421 E 52nd Street to find the deceased infant. The child had heavy bruising swelling to the left side of his face and head, said the affidavits.

"There were also multiple smaller bruises along the top of the deceased infant’s cranium," said the affidavits.

Following interviews with both parents, Gammage said he woke up around noon on Tuesday and Pierson told him the baby wasn't breathing, according to the affidavits.

"Leyla reported she frantically went to Kameron and woke him up to notify about the infant, but Kameron seemed uncaring," said the affidavits. "Leyla reported Kameron took several minutes to get up and help, and when he approached her to help, he seemed uncaring."

Gammage then eventually became apologetic, called 911, and began instructed CPR as help arrived, said the statements.

"When asked about the bruising, Kameron claimed it was from the infant hitting his head on a hard portion of the interior of the crib," said the affidavits. "Leyla also reported Kameron has extreme anger issues and has recently killed several dogs by strangulation."

Pierson was charged due to knowing about the injuries and refusing to seek medical attention for the infant for three days, according to police.

"Leyla reported the infant became more 'fussy' over the next couple of days, but she thought it was because he was teething," said the arrest affidavits.