Texas congressman proposing drag show ban admits to performing in drag

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Posted at 1:41 PM, Mar 02, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-02 22:59:19-05

FORT WORTH, Texas — A Texas conservative behind a proposed drag show ban has been identified in an old video performing in a black dress.

A former pastor, Rep. Nate Schatzline, a Republican, was referred to as "the Virgin" in the video that surfaced last month.

Now, the Fort Worth-area conservative is on the defense, stating the video was a "theatre project."

In the video, Schatzline is seen wearing a black dress, skipping outdoors alongside a song called "Sexy Lady" by Jave Mula.

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"Yah, that’s not a sexually explicit drag show… lol y’all will twist ANYTHING," Schatzline tweeted, confirming it was indeed him in the video.

If passed, House Bill 1266 would change Texas' Business and Commerce Code, effectively making it so that any venue that hosts drag would be seen as a "sexually oriented business."

Doing so would ban people under the age of 18 from attending.

This new code would apply to bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and any other private business that hosts drag performers.

Representing House District 93, Schatzline covers an area north of Fort Worth and has been in office since Jan 10.

He will be up for re-election in 2024.