Teenagers indicted after violent carjacking that left elderly woman dead

Posted at 9:54 PM, Apr 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-28 23:33:43-04

Four teenagers have been indicted after they violently carjacked a 73-year-old woman, dragged her to death, and severed her arm, officials said.

John Honore', Lenyra Theophile, Mar’Qel Curtis, and Briniyah Baker are indicted for second-degree murder and have a bond set at $1 million each.

The carjacking left Linda Frickey dying on a New Orleans street after she was dragged a block by her own car while neighbors looked on helplessly. Two of the suspects were turned in by their parents.

“While I completely believe in handling juvenile matters in the juvenile system to ensure developmentally appropriate adjudication of young people, the juvenile sentencing limits would be inadequate to ensure that these young people are appropriately held accountable for taking a life," said New Orleans District Attorney Jason Williams.

If convicted the four could face life imprisonment for these crimes, according to officials.