Salvation Army BCS needs your help with Angel Tree adoptions

Posted at 6:02 PM, Nov 30, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-01 20:41:11-05

BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas — On Christmas day, we all look forward to presents under the Christmas tree with our names on it, especially children.

The Salvation Army needs your help this holiday season.

With hitting record numbers this year on their angel tree, families have requested the community’s help in making sure their child has a memorable Christmas.

“We have over 1,200 families on the Angel Tree, which is over 2,800, and those are all children from Brazos County, and these are all children from families that are financially struggling this year and are unable to provide Christmas gifts for their children,” said Captain Andrea Israel, Commanding Officer for the Salvation Army.

Israel said there are still 1,000 angel tags that have yet to be adopted.

“These are families that are our neighbors,” said Captain Israel. “They sit next to our children in school. They shop at the same grocery stores we are. These are our neighbors and our community and individual that are really in need of assistance this Christmas season and it’s a great way to spread hope and generosity and just Christmas cheer this season.”

You can find angel trees in the Post Oak Mall food court, and in all three locations of Blue Baker in College Station.

You can also visit their website here to adopt an angel or send a monetary donation.

All gifts will need to be collected by December 12.