RV summer travel expected to rise ahead of summer road trips

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Posted at 12:13 PM, May 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-12 13:13:57-04

One business is booming ahead of summer road trips. If you're planning to travel by RV for a summer vacation, you aren't alone.

For a little over a year, Cindy Scott and her husband have called the road, home in their Keystone Cougar Fifth Wheel.

"We are so happy with the decision. We love our independence. He goes to school and I work from the RV. We get to do things on our time and see the country on our time," said Cindy.

She documents her travels and offers tips on her site cinderstravels.com. Now, more people are discovering what Cindy already knows.

"I think this summer is going to be big for RVing," she said.

RVshare.com has been matching first responders to RV rentals to help them social distance during the pandemic. 25 News found rentals in Central Texas that start at just $60/night that sleep up to six people.

"RVing is something that can be as expensive or as cheap as you want to make it honestly," said Cindy. "It's a great way to social distance with your family and spend time with your family. The RV parks we go to, everyone is social distancing. You don't have to go to hotels. It's a great option to get out there and use a time that is challenging and make the best of it and go see more of this country," said Scott.

The Texas Recreational Vehicle Association anticipates a summer spike in RV travel too. It's an estimated $4 billion a year industry but with interest rates low, gas prices low and social distancing a high priority, the industry in Texas could grow.

"We are expecting a rebound. Social distancing will be absorbed into our activities and plans. The beauty of being in an RV is you are fixing food in your own kitchen. You are sleeping in a bed with your own bedding. You are using your own restroom and you aren't sharing with the consuming public out there," said Executive Director Phil Elam.

But some things to keep in mind include rent before you buy and always plan ahead.

"It's such a weird time. There are websites that have a running list of closures. It's really great to get an idea. If you're driving from Texas to another state it's a great idea to get an idea of how other states are handling it," said Cindy.

Cindy is back on the road after parking in Tuscon since mid-March and is now in Colorado. They plan to keep traveling east throughout the summer but she'll wave from her window if she sees you and your family out on the road too.