North Texas couple feeds the Australian firefighters keeping their business safe from flames

Posted at 9:02 AM, Jan 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-16 10:02:21-05

A North Texas couple is giving back to the Australian firefighters who are keeping their business safe from flames.

According to WFAA, Rob and Randi Thraves met and married in Arlington, Texas before moving to Broke, New South Wales, Australia.

They opened a Texas-inspired barbecue joint in Newcastle around 2016 called Smokin' Hot 'N Saucy.

"We knew that the culture of barbecue would go great in Australia," Thraves said to WFAA. "Traditional Texas offset smokers are the key to our business. People here really like it."

The couple said they could see the fires in Australia from their back porch, but the flames had not reached them because of firefighters and volunteers.

The Thraves decided to say thanks in a Texas style.

For the month of January, Smokin' Hot 'N Saucy offered its brisket patty cheeseburgers at $12, and $2 from each burger goes to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service.

Money is being given to other agencies like the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and Forestry Corporation.

Smokin' Hot 'N Saucy is also giving a free burger to any firefighter who shows up to Randi and Rob's barbecue joint.

"Being able to have my homecooked food and the food I grew up with shared with the people of Australia makes me feel that much more at home," Randi Thraves said to WFAA.