New Texas law bans keeping your dog locked on a chain

Posted at 8:39 AM, Jan 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-18 09:42:23-05

WACO, Texas — A new law goes into effect Tuesday here in Texas, making it illegal to chain your dog up outdoors.

The Humane Society of Central Texas is making it their mission to provide dog owners with proper fencing and shelter for their dogs so that they no longer have to utilize those chains.

“The ultimate goal is to help people get their dogs off their chains,” said Mike Gray, community and brand manager, Central Texas Humane Society.

The new law makes it so that dog owners can no longer use chains or weights to tether dogs while outside, but, the law still allows dogs to have some type of tether as long as it is not chain material.

Shelter, food and water must be within reach of the dog at all times as well.

“When you take that chain off of the dog, you are getting a little bit lighter restraint on them, they aren’t going to feel as threatened,” said Gray.

But, a lot of times an owner’s only option is to use a chain because damaged fencing can make it easier for a dog to run away.

“I think a lot of it is just not being able to afford the repairs,” said Gray.

The Humane Society has partnered with Ace Fence and Supply to help repair or create fencing for owners in need.

In the past month, gray has helped nearly 10 homes.

“With the materials that ace gives me, I am able to go back and patch those things up, get them secure again, get the dogs off the chains and get them back to living a free, roaming, playful life,” said Gray.

And not only do these repairs help animals live a better life, but it also keeps them out of the shelters.

Over the past month, the humane society has seen more intake of dogs than they’ve seen in years

“There have been so many dogs that we have taken in, from the fireworks, the weather,” said Gray.

With Gray providing families with proper fencing and restraints for their animals, he said they have been able to keep nearly 20 dogs out of the shelter.

Violating this new law is a Class C Misdemeanor or a Class B Misdemeanor for a repeated offense.