Multi-vehicle police chase ends in Teague

Posted at 3:08 AM, Feb 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-14 07:12:40-05

TEAGUE — Teague Police say a multi-county car chase has ended.

The chase, which involved three different vehicles, started in Navarro county and continued into Freestone County. One of the cars was recovered by Teague Police department, and another was recovered by Freestone County Sheriffs.

The chase started at a dealership in Dallas. All of the vehicles in the chase were Dodge Challengers.

In one of the pursuits, the Challenger spun out and deputies tried to block the suspect from fleeing. The suspect started pushing the deputies Tahoe, attempting to flee.

The driver's efforts of driving away were unsuccessful and he exited the vehicle and began running on foot through Sam's Restaurant parking lot. Deputies and the Fairfield Police Department entered into a foot pursuit.

The driver of the vehicle was arrested and booked into the Freestone County Jail for the following:

1) Evading Arrest w/Vehicle
2) Evading Arrest or Detention on foot
3) Aggravated Assault w/Deadly Weapon on a Public Servant
4) Manufacturing and Delivery Controlled
Substance PG 1
5) Possession Controlled Substance PG 1
6) Possession of Marijuana < 2 oz
7) Displaying False/Fictitious Registration

The third car evaded officers and is still unaccounted for.

Drugs and money were recovered from the two vehicles caught, and one person was arrested in connection with the chase - they are being held in the Freestone County jail.

This is a coordinated effort between multiple agencies.