Montgomery Co. Judge Keough says Ambien responsible for DWI charge

Posted at 1:59 PM, Dec 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-09 20:06:33-05

MONTGOMERY, TX — Montgomery County Judge, Mark Keough, has turned himself into the county jail for DWI charges on Dec 9.,
according to Montgomery County District Attorney, Michael Holley.

Keough's arrest warrant was issued for DWI charges in a Sept. crash, a Class B Misdemeanor on first offense that involved a deputy constable and another vehicle.

According to the arrest affidavit, Keough had 155.5 nanograms of Ambien in his system.

50 nanograms of Ambien can cause driving impairment according to said record; the affidavit also noted levels of amphetamines in his system.

The accident occurred along Grogan's Mill Road in The Woodlands where Keough crashed into a Montgomery County Precinct 5 deputy and a third car.

Keough was driving 52 mph, 22 over the 30 mph speed limit, when he first crashed into the third car.

A witness told DPS that he had seen the SUV driving erratically and assumed the driver was drunk.

In the arrest affidavit, Texas Department of Public Safety investigators say they found Keough unresponsive at the time.

This is the second accident Keough has been involved in during his time as an elected official.

In March 2017, while the District 15 state rep, Keough's Lexus SUV collided with a cement truck at an Austin intersection. It's unclear what caused the accident. However, either Keough's vehicle or the worker truck passed over the center line of the undivided roadway.

Oh his official Facebook page, Keough had the following statement to share:

“I want to make it abundantly clear to you that there was no alcohol present, there were no illegal substances present at the time of the crash,” Keough said.

Keough’s court date is set for Jan. 5.

Watch his full statement HERE.