Man convicted of killing Houston deputy gets death sentence: Report

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Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal
Posted at 8:46 AM, Oct 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-27 09:46:58-04

(CNN NEWSOURCE) — The man convicted of murdering a Harris County Sheriff's Deputy was sentenced to death Wednesday.

A Texas jury only deliberated 30 minutes before delivering the guilty verdict last week.

Because of his extensive criminal history, prosecutors convinced the jury that life in prison was not punishment enough.

The decision by six men and six women was read aloud by the judge.

"It is the order of this court that you are sentenced to death under the authority of the state of Texas," the judge said.

Convicted murderer Robert Solis showing no emotion, his date with death row following a trial that took up most of October.

"The death penalty is for the worst of the worst and Robert Solis qualified." District Attorney Kim Ogg said.

Solis was convicted of killing Harris County Sheriff's Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal during a 2019 traffic stop.

Body camera and other video making it a clear-cut case according to jurors who also considered Solis's extensive criminal history.

You know, as far as I went, he would never see the light of day again unless he has a cell that he can look outside to somehow." Randall Raschke said.

Prosecutors used the punishment phase to reaffirm Solis's potential danger even if left behind bars for the rest of his life.

"He doesn't care who he hurts, he doesn't care when he hurts them, just so long as he gets what he wants." Lauren Bard.

Solis, who defended himself during the trial, had just two sentences for the jury charged with determining his fate.

"The only thing I have to say it's your decision to make, my life is in your hands." Robert Solis said.

Members of deputy Dhaliwal's family giving impact statements following the sentence... Including a sister who sat through every single bit of the trial.

"Everybody knows justice was served today I know it won't bring Dhaliwal back but everybody knows when he was here, he was protecting, he was helping people." Harpreet Rai said.

Dhaliwal's widow told the court the family can finally start healing.

A post office in west Houston was renamed in honor of the fallen deputy last October.