Harker Heights debates Proposition A

Posted at 9:04 PM, Dec 06, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-06 22:04:15-05

HARKER HEIGHTS, Texas — Voters are riled up in Harker Heights over Proposition A, an ordinance that aimed to decriminalize marijuana and end search and seizure by police officers.

After voters passed the ordinance, the Harker Heights city council denied it.

Many voters were very passionate about whether the city should uphold Prop A or not. Some voiced that this topic should not have made it to the ballot, while others feel their voice is not being heard.

It was a passionate discussion between those who were for and against Proposition A.

Ground Game Texas, an organization aiming to decriminalize weed in Texas, held a press conference at Harker Heights. The focus was Democracy and how it’s being put to the test by the Harker Heights city council.

“They inserted their minority will over the majority who voted in a lawfully conducted election they dismantled democracy in this city when they took that vote, and they will do it again,” said Julie Oliver, executive director of Ground Game Texas.

Due to Harker Heights Home Charter, voters can get ordinances put on ballots if enough petitions are presented to the city council.

It must not be deemed illegal by the city council for it to even get to the ballot. Now, Ground Game Texas is looking for 350 signatures on a petition to put Prop A back on the ballot in May 2023.

Oliver said they have the majority of signatures needed “and then it goes back to vote."

"So, people get to vote again on Prop A, but until that point it puts a moratorium on their repeal,” said Oliver.

Councilman Tony Canterino voted against accepting Prop A. When asked what his decisions will be if it does make it to the ballot again in May, Canterino said “that’s not my call right now, when it comes, we cross that bridge when it comes and I would be happy to talk to you guys then too. I mean I have not secrets.”

You have until Monday, Dec. 12, to sign the petition to get Prop A back on the ballot, you can sign the petition at 301 E Knights Way in Harker Heights.

Councilman Canterino also added the city will look to change its home charter in line with state law to avoid loopholes being taken like this in the future.