Grand jury declines to indict man who 'mistakenly' shot 9-year-old Houston girl

Posted at 10:07 PM, Jul 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-19 23:07:10-04

A grand jury has declined to indict the Texas man who "mistakenly" shot a 9-year-old girl instead of the suspect who had just robbed him at an ATM.

The grand jurors in the case were randomly selected and presented all of the evidence of the case in secret, the Harris County District Attorney's office said; 41-year-old Tony Earls was "no-billed" after the jury made the decision that he had no criminal intent to harm 9-year-old Arlene Alvarez on Feb. 15.

“Our hearts go out to the Alvarez family because Arlene’s death is a tragedy that is unimaginable,” said Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg. “We are focusing all of our efforts on finding the suspect who set this chain of events in motion and bringing him to justice.”

Authorities are asking for help in the search for the robber who provoked Earl's gunshots.

Crime Stoppers of Houston is offering a reward up to $30,000 for information that leads to the suspect's arrest.