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Gov. Abbott speaks in Crockett on state's response to severe weather

Posted at 5:12 PM, Mar 22, 2022

Gov. Greg Abbott spoke in Crockett on Tuesday after storms and a "massive tornado" ripped apart a substantial part of the county.

About 30 structures were damaged in the area in an early assessment, according to Abbott. With 20 to 25 of those structures being homes, Abbott said over 70 people were in a county shelter Monday night.

At this time it is not known when those who have lost their homes will be able to return.

"Despite the travesty of what has occurred to property, the miracle is that nobody lost their life," said Gov. Abbott.

Gov. Abbott said about 10 individuals sustained injuries in the aftermath of the severe weather in Houston County, one with a severe injury.

"Unfortunately, the state of Texas was affected by tornadoes in areas larger than Houston County," said Abbott.

Abbott said a disaster declaration has been issued for 16 counties at this time. More counties may be added to the disaster declaration as information becomes available.

Abbott is asking affected Texas homeowners to provide an assessment of damage to the Texas Division of Emergency Management.

"This is a community where disaster strikes people come together," said Gov. Abbott.