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Federal grand jury charges Texas man with kidnapping

Posted at 3:00 PM, Apr 07, 2022

A Texas man who held a woman with a knife to her throat, assaulted her, and then poured bleach on her is being charged with kidnapping.

A federal grand jury in El Paso returned an indictment on Wednesday, charging 25-year-old Matthew Joseph Contreras with the kidnapping. Contreras allegedly held a knife to her throat in the early morning hours of March 14 as she returned home from work, according to a U.S. Attorney's Office release.

"She also said Contreras punched and kicked her several times and then poured bleach on her," said the release. "Contreras also allegedly hit the victim with a gun and then held it to her head."

Officers found a 9mm handgun in the vehicle that Contreras used to drive the victim to New Mexico, according to U.S. Attorney Ashley C. Hoff and FBI Special Agent in Charge Jeffrey R. Downey.

Contreras is charged with one count of kidnapping and also charged with possessing a firearm "as a prohibited person" due to a prior conviction, according to the announcement.

"If convicted, he faces up to life in prison on the kidnapping charge and up to 10 years in prison on the firearm charge," said the announcement.