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Experts give tips on how to prepare in case of a fire evacuation

Evacuation preparation
Posted at 11:20 PM, Mar 28, 2022

CORYELL COUNTY, Texas — As fire crews continue to battle fires across Central Texas, some towns may remain under the threat of evacuation and leaders are encouraging people to remain prepared.

For hours on Sunday afternoon, the town of Flat in Coryell County was under a voluntary evacuation order. Monday, the town was mostly back to business as usual.

But what if it happens in your town? Local emergency management experts encourage people to plan ahead.

"Keep an eye on things and have some stuff ready to go just in case," Kiley Moran, wildland-urban interface coordinator of Texas A&M Forest Services said.

That preparation includes having a "go bag" ready. That bag should include extra clothes, toiletries, medicines, valuables, and important documents.

Coryell County emergency management coordinator, Robers Harrell, also encourages people to register for their county's emergency alters.

"That will allow us to be able to reach out to them during an emergency, notifying them that there is an emergency or a dangerous situation," Harrell said.

If you are notified that you need to evacuate, many times, shelters outside of town, like churches and schools, will open up to evacuees. Moran said those locations can typically be found on the social media of local agencies.

To sign up for emergency alerts in the following counties, click the links below: