Bon Appétit magazine says H-E-B makes "the best supermarket-brand tortilla out there"

Posted at 5:23 PM, Feb 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-14 18:23:36-05

An article on Bon Appétit Magazine has called H-E-B store made flour tortillas "the best supermarket-brand tortilla out there, easy."

The monthly American food and entertaining magazine described the locally made tortillas as "lumpy, bumpy, not-quite-circular shape. Some air bubbles here and there. An edge that’s folded over a bit...That’s part of the reason everyone loves it so much."

H-E-B says they have tortilla machines in nearly all its stores, where it makes five flavors.

The article’s author, Alex Beggs, gets nostalgic about growing up visiting H-E-B to buy the chewy flour tortillas.

She says now that she lives in New York, it’s not often that she gets to satiate her appetite for H-E-B tortillas, but it doesn’t mean her fondness for them has dwindled.

“So the greatness, the mystique, the glory of the H-E-B flour tortilla has only grown in my memory the longer I’ve been away from Texas, in the way nostalgia can delude us,” she states in the article. “But the H-E-B flour tortilla is still the best supermarket-brand tortilla out there, easy. My love for them has not faded.”

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