Are you seeing more coyotes? It is coyote mating season

Posted at 11:15 AM, Feb 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-10 12:15:57-05

Central Texas Facebook groups have been flooded with one message recently - coyotes have been sighted in the area.

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife, coyote mating season starts mid-January and ends in early march. They said that during the weeks following the birth, the male will bring food to the family, but the female will not allow him inside the den.

During this time, coyotes can become more aggressive. The Humane Society said that although the risk is heightened now, they always pose a risk to small animals.

The humane society offers the following advise to protect your pet from coyote attacks:

For Cats

  • Provide escape routes for cats
  • In treeless or open areas, erect "cat posts"—long pieces of wood (four inches by four inches or corner posts) that stand out of the ground at least ten to twelve feet. These can be climbed by cats but not by coyotes
  • Elevate feeding stations beyond coyotes’—but not the cats’—reach
  • Discourage/harass coyotes seen on the property. Go after them aggressively, using the techniques described in our coyote hazing guidelines. Making them feel uncomfortable will encourage them to stay out of the area.
  • Feed cats only during the day and at a set time—and pick up any leftovers immediately

For Dogs

  • Do not leave your dog outside unattended
  • Do not leave your dog chained
  • Always keep your dog on a leash in public areas
  • Keep pet food and water indoors

The humane society added that large dog attacks are rare, but they do happen if the coyote feel threatened.