An overview of Texas laws going into effect in 2020

Posted at 6:12 PM, Dec 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-31 19:18:02-05

A number of laws will go into effect starting Jan. 1.

Business Data Breaches HB 4390
If you share sensitive personal information with a Texas business, and the business's computerized data system gets hacked, the business must notify you about the breach within 60 days.

Harassment at Colleges and Universities Senate Bill 212
College and university employees could face a Class B misdemeanor for not reporting allegations of sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence and stalking to the institutions Title IX coordinator.

Bingo Fees HB 914
Eliminates the 5 percent prize fee on non‑cash prizes valued at more than $5. But a licensed authorized organization that conducts bingo must collect a 5 percent prize fee on cash prizes worth more than $5 and give 50 percent of the fee collected to the Texas Lottery Commission.

Surprise Medical Bills SB 1264
People who have state-regulated health insurance should be safe from surprise medical bills in certain situations. For example, when they see a doctor out of network during an emergency. Senate Bill 1264 leaves the billing up to insurers and health care providers, not the patient.

Flood Funds SB 7
Moves $1.7 billion from the state rainy day fund to the Texas Water Code which created two additional accounts, a flood infrastructure fund and Texas infrastructure resiliency fund.