Alcohol-to-go sales likely to stay legalized in Texas past COVID-19

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Posted at 2:14 PM, Jan 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-11 15:14:53-05

AUSTIN, TX — With the 87th Texas Legislative Session arriving Jan 12, thousands of of bills will be introduced in the State's House and Senate.

However, few, will ever receive a blessing as clear from a State Governor, as Senate Bill 298 & House Bill 1094.

"This has my support!" Governor Abbott tweeted back on Apr 28, 2020: his response to The Texas Restaurant Association's efforts to have alcohol-to-go sale waivers become legalized permanently into law.

Senator Kelly Hancock (R-9th), and Representative Charlie Green (R-99th) both filled their bills on Jan 7.

Said bills would allow Texans to purchase alcohol from licenses venues, via pick-up and delivery, and for off-premise consumption permanently, starting Sep 1, 2021.

Last March, Governor Greg Abbott issued a waiver that allowed venues to deliver alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine and mixed drinks to customers.

However, they also held the requirement of having to be accompanied with food purchased from the restaurant; this requirement will still stay in place.

Other requirements for alcohol-to-go will also include tamper-proof containers, label of "alcoholic beverage", additionally, drivers (21+ up only) will not be allowed to transport said alcohol on the passenger side of their vehicle.

"Texas is a reliably pro-business state," said Republican Sen. Hancock in a press release.

"That's why our top-ten global economy was so strong, and well-positioned, before the virus hit, and it’s why we’re determined to learn and adapt just like businesses across our great state are doing." the Senator added.

Should the bills pass in both houses, it appears likely Governor Abbott will sign it.

"From what I hear from Texans, we may just let this keep on going forever." Governor Abbott tweeted last April after extending alcohol-to-go waivers once more.