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Affidavit: Kidnap suspect pretended dead mom’s baby was hers

Posted at 6:32 AM, Jan 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-07 07:32:29-05

AUSTIN, TX — AUSTIN, Texas (AP/KTRK) - Court records state a woman accused of kidnapping a Texas mother who was later found dead plotted to present the mother's baby girl as her own.

Investigators found the infant along with the body of her mother at a home in the Houston area last month. Heidi Broussard and her daughter had been reported missing a week earlier in Austin.

An arrest affidavit for Magen Fieramusca states the 33-year-old abducted Broussard, whose body was later found in Fieramusca's car. No one has been charged in Broussard's killing.

According to documents, Broussard's fiancé, Shane Carey, told police he believed Fieramusca and Broussard became pregnant around the same time in 2019 and "had spoken about the possibility of delivering on the same date." Carey said he saw Fieramusca "visibly pregnant in person."

He said around Dec. 8 or Dec. 9, Broussard told him that Fieramusca had delivered a baby girl, but said he did not see photos of the child, according to the documents.

Fieramusca's boyfriend, Christoper Green, shared a similar story with police, saying he believed Fieramusca was pregnant with their child and noticed that her "stomach grew during the year" and felt her stomach, which he described as "hard."

When Broussard's water broke on the early morning of Nov. 25, she and Carey went to the hospital and Fieramusca was alerted to the impending delivery, documents state.

The next day, Fieramusca drove from Houston to Austin. Documents state Fieramusca was in the room along with Carey and one other friend when Broussard gave birth on Nov. 26.

As family and friends held the baby for the first time, Carey describes how Fieramusca "interjected herself" after his father held the baby and "asked to hold the newborn child, stating that she had to leave."

Police say they are still investigating.