Scaman denies charges of sexual assault against him

Posted at 11:52 AM, Sep 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-29 12:52:06-04

MARLIN, TX — Falls County Sheriff Ricky Scaman comes out swinging against new charges against him.

Two women a, marlin city employee and a worker at the Falls County jail, have both charged the Sheriff with making improper sexual advances and more.

Sheriff Scaman says these charges will fail, just as the ones before did.

"What the indictment says, basically that's not correct," said Falls County Sheriff Ricky Scaman who admits he's never even seen an official copy of the indictment against him in which two women claim several acts of sexual harassment.

The indictment says they happened April first with a jail employee, and then last month on August 5th with a Marlin city employee on an emergency call.

But Falls county's top lawman has been to this rodeo before. Falls County sheriff Rickey Scaman has withstood two rounds of sexual-harassment charges since taking office in 2017. Now here comes the third.

Sure, he’s concerned about it but also confident that this round will end much like the others with him still in the sheriff's office.

It started a year after he took office when an assistant chief deputy suddenly quit.

"She wanted out but she didn't want out. she was so mad she just quit in the heat of the moment and then after she thought about it she wanted to stay, well, I don't do that," he explained.

Scaman calls taking an employee back under those circumstances, dangerous, because people without their heads and hearts in the game make mistakes, and in his business, mistakes cost lives.

He believes the charges to be politically motivated and taken out of context.

"It was not as it was presented then or as its being presented by others today. She went federal with this because they're easier filed in federal court," he said.

Easier filed, but not to win.

The next accusation he says seemed to come from nowhere.

"I'm on vacation in Mexico with my wife and kid, and I get these text messages from her saying that it was unfair, and blah blah blah and I said, something must have happened at work and I told my wife that I said look at these messages."

To date, no complaint we could find against Sheriff Scaman has ever succeeded and he predicts the dog in the new charges won't hurt either.

"Do you think they're still gonna come after me if this doesn't succeed? You know I would hope this would put an end to a lot of it. but I have no crystal ball to say that," he said.

The Sheriff calls the new charges a "distraction" and says he'll keep his eye on the ball of public safety.

"I'm focused on maintaining this office. keeping the citizens of this county safe" he insisted.

Safe from criminals and from frivolous charges. How? More on that in our next report.