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16-year-old returns home after nearly two-week hospital stay after being badly burned in fire

Posted at 9:55 PM, May 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-26 14:19:25-04

BELTON, TX — Justin Booth was only 16-years-old when his house caught fire, he was found passed out trying to save his grandfather inside the home as well.

His grandpa only had minor injuries but Booth suffered third-degree burns that put him in the hospital for nearly two weeks.

Booth came home Monday night to a very warm welcome from friends and family. They lined the streets outside, chanting his name with signs and balloons.

Grateful for the support, Booth thanks everyone who has helped him and his family so far.

"Thank you all so much it's going to help me and my grandpa tremendously and my hospital bills, it's been rough," Booth said.

All his friends knew he would be okay, it just took a lot of prayers and hope for a speedy recovery.

"He wasn’t gone but we weren’t able to communicate with him it was like we lost him but we didn’t at the same time," friend, Alexis Burgess said.

There's a lot of love for Booth and that isn't going away. His friends are here for him today because he is always there for them.

"He has helped me through stuff that I didn’t think I would make it through he’s just he’s a fighter," Cousin, Kaylenne Bunch said.

Booth is still in pain as a long road to recovery is ahead but with the few words of thanks he gave, he is happy to be alive.

"It is painful, but I'm glad to be here," Booth said.

There is still no determination on how the fire started. Justin's GoFundMe is still active for hospital bills and to rebuild a new home for him and his grandpa.

There will be a fundraiser for him on June 3rd for Bike Night at Bell County Motor Works from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.