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Waco mayor: Community-wide boil water notice is imminent if water demand doesn't change

"Our water supply is critically low."
Posted at 6:48 PM, Feb 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-18 19:48:26-05

WACO, TX — City officials are urging Wacoans to conserve water now due to the city's water supply reaching critically low levels.

In an update. Mayor Dillon Meek said the main issues are leaks and high usage.

"We are pumping twice our normal daily usage and the system storage is sitting at a critically low capacity," he said. "While we don't have and we don't expect shutting off the water throughout the entire city, a community-wide boil water notice is imminent if demand doesn't change."

Meek said if conditions worsen beyond a community-wide boil water notice, the fire department would not have water for fire protection.

City officials are asking industrial, commercial and residential water customers to follow the following steps.

Industrial and commercial customers are asked to inspect their buildings for leaks as soon and as safely as possible. If there is a leak, customers should turn off their water supply.

Car washes and laundromats are encouraged to stay close through the weekend.

All businesses are asked to cut their water consumption by at least 50%. Restaurants are encouraged to use paper plates and other disposable containers rather than washing plates.

As for residential customers, the City is asking for the following.

Those with power are asked to open cabinets under sinks to warm up the pipes. Customers should not run washing machines or dishwashers for the next 48 hours.

If temperatures reach above 32 degrees, customers should stop dripping faucets.

Customers should also check their property for leaks. If a leak is spotted, turn off the water supply. Low water pressure should also be reported to the City.

Meek said city contractors and outside contractors are working around the clock to fix leaks around the city. Water has been cut off in isolated areas to save the system's capacity and pressure.

Roughly 300 customers are currently without water. Meek said this is limited to areas with main leaks.

The City is currently working to procure water bottles for residents without water. Distribution plans will be announced later, with customers without drinking water receiving priority.

All customers should call (254) 299-2489 to report a leak or low water pressure.