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Crafters say mum & garter sales are sky high

Posted at 8:45 PM, Sep 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-29 11:43:53-04

WACO, Texas — As COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, one Texas tradition is back in full swing which means high school homecoming mums and garters are back.

Central Texas crafters said this season has been record-breaking for orders.

Working her fingers to the bone this year, you can find Lola Thayer in her workshop crafting away and adding everything from ribbons to whistles and bells.

Orders are flying off the shelves in record numbers. In the past two years, things slowed down as homecoming traditions were put on pause due to the pandemic.

To Thayer especially this year, the colorful mums are more than just a collection of trinkets.

"I think for the kids it's making them feel like, whether they are 8th graders or seniors, it's making them feel like 'I finally get to be a kid again," Thayer said. "We kind of lost that over the past two years of COVID-19."

Hard at work, her supplies are dwindling faster. People are still showing up hoping to snag a Lola Mum.

Some people are even picking up this Texas Tradition for the first time this year.