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Community Literacy Program to focus on women, children literacy in Waco

Posted at 6:49 PM, Sep 06, 2023

WACO, Texas — September 6 is recognized as National Read-A-Book Day. It encourages people to embrace reading and improve their literacy skills.

There are many opportunities that open up when someone has good literary skills. In Waco, the Community Literacy Program works hard to ensure that women have them.

The Christan Woman's Job Corps helps women focus on their education and earn a GED. They also partner with Baylor University's Department of Curriculum Instruction to extend that learning to their children.

As the women are in class, their kids are welcomed to join Baylor staff for literary classes of their own.

"This is a great opportunity for women in our program to get their GED to have an opportunity to do some learning while they're on campus doing learning in the evening, their kids are on campus too," Lydia Tate with CWJC told 25 News.

"They know they are safe, they are cared for and doing some literacy-based activities."

"When we talk about literacy, we absolutely mean reading so we think in terms of national 'Read-A-Book' Day," said Asst. Professor of Literacy at Baylor, Kelly Johnston.

"But we're also thinking about the other processes that are important for being able to be a literate person. So not just reading, just also writing, speaking, listening and then thinking."

The leaders say when you are literate in all of these ways, you're set for success in the future.