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Baylor professor breaks Guinness World Record

Posted at 3:50 PM, Nov 09, 2023

WACO, Texas — There are many hardworking teachers and professors in Central Texas, including one who just broke a Guinness World Record.

Baylor University Philosophy Professor Dr. Alexander Pruss broke his second Guinness World Record over the summer, for completing the fastest mile on a climbing wall by a man.

Dr. Pruss broke the record on July 15 after he climbed one mile in 1:42:58 seconds on Baylor McLane’s Student Life Centers' climbing wall — it’s the largest indoor collegiate rock climbing wall in the state.

Dr. Pruss did 112 climbs at over 47 feet each during this record breaking attempt.

“I was a very unfit kid — fat and not athletic at all," Dr. Pruss said.

"My parents kept on telling me 'Anybody can do this,' and 'Be more athletic,' — they kept on encouraging me. I thought, 'No, not me, I can’t do this,' — [This is] one of those times, I can say my parents were exactly right."

Dr. Pruss also broke another record last December, for the longest vertical distance climbed on a rock wall in an hour.