Marlin ISD students start their first day back at school since losing accreditation

Posted at 3:07 PM, Feb 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-18 16:08:55-05

MARLIN, TX — As Marlin ISD students head back to school, they are wondering if this will be the last year they will be apart of the district.

The TEA and Marlin ISD recently announced that it no longer will be recognized as a public school.

"The district is taking the following steps to address the areas of identified deficiency. The district is implementing the use of literacy/reading core instructional strategies and implementing effective campus-wide discipline management plans. Additionally, teachers are following the state aligned curriculum and the instructional system with more proficient and greater fidelity," said Interim Superintendent Dr. Jean Bahney a letter sent to parents.

"I just hope things change," said Cindy, a sophomore at Marlin High School.

She's enjoyed attending the high school the last two years, and hopes to graduate from the school too.

She says it's hard to stay motivated when she's not interested in the work.

Students not being interested in school can be a problem, and its up to the parents to help encourage those kids.

Senior Class President, Deontay Mims, told 25 News education is important.

"Parents don't motivate their children good to go to school and actually get their education and some students don't value education and understand why its important," Mims said.

Students say setting the district back on track will take work from everyone.

"We just have to work harder and become better than what we've been for the past couple years," Cindy said.

Although the future of the school is uncertain, these students will continue to support and attend class as long as the first bell rings.

"It's basically what keeps this community as it is so without a school district...without a school, this town will be in shambles," Mims said.