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Military spouse proves Fort Hood isn't just a military installation, it's a community

Posted at 10:28 PM, Jun 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-29 23:28:40-04

FORT HOOD, TX — Meet Andrea Kim, a U.S. Army veteran, military spouse, and this year’s III Corps volunteer of the year.

A mother dedicated to serving the Fort Hood Community.

”One of the things that I think is really important to remember is, from a soldier's perspective, we are only as good as the support systems behind the scenes and Miss Andrea Kim is an absolute rockstar,” said LTC. Jody Shipley, commander of CRDAMC Troop Battalion.

With a father in the Army Andrea, like so many children in military families, grew up calling several places home.

”We moved around a lot when I was growing up,” said Andrea Kim, III Corps Volunteer of the Year. “So, I've also lived in Wyoming, Colorado, I was born in North Carolina because I was an Army Brat and lived in Korea for a little bit because my mom is Korean.”

After serving 4-years in the Army and many more as a military spouse, Andrea dedicates her free time to help out wherever she can.

”I just felt it was my duty to serve the community. I know that sounds super cheesy but honestly, that’s what it is,” said Kim. “Especially when he’s a First Sergeant now and in my head, that’s what a First Sergeant’s wife is supposed to do.”

She volunteers so much that III Corps named her volunteer of the year. It’s an honor she doesn’t feel she deserves.

”I personally don’t think I should be the best volunteer on Fort Hood if you know what I mean,” said Kim. “I feel like we should have a culture of everybody volunteering.”

Even though she feels a sense of duty to volunteer, those who see the impact she makes have a message for the humble volunteer.

”You are an amazing lady, an amazing mom, and supportive spouse to an active-duty soldier who is extremely busy in the Troop Battalion,” said Lori Carpenter, Family Readiness Support Assistant for CRDAMC Troop Battalion.

”I, my family, and our team are all better because of what you bring to the table and how you are able to support us. So, just thank you for that and just thank you for being you,” said LTC. Jody Shipley, Commander of CRDAMC Troop Battalion.

Kim is one of the many faces of Fort Hood dedicating their time and proving it is more than a military installation, it’s a community.