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Habitat for Humanity crews brave the heat to get the job done

Posted at 9:16 PM, Jul 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-21 22:16:32-04

HARKER HEIGHTS, TX — It's no secret that Central Texas has been extremely hot lately and finding a place to cool down can be hard.

While some people get to work indoors, others are forced to do their job in this scorching heat.

Those working on a road crew or building homes are stuck doing much of their work in the extreme heat right now.

That is exactly what one crew with Fort Hood Area Habitat for Humanity is facing while building homes for low-income families in Harker Heights.

”Once it hits 100 or so, we try to slow it down,” said Michael Peyton, crew lead for Fort Hood Area Habitat for Humanity. “We try to stay in the shade every now and then. Unfortunately, the sun is on this side of the house all day. So, today we just have to suck it up.”

For some crew members enduring the scorching heat is better than sitting at home.

”I love the A/C," said intern Thomas Austin. "It’s great but I can’t sit inside all day. That's just me. I can’t sit inside, I can’t sit still, I always have to be outside or at least doing something active.”

Staying active and working in this heat means the crew goes through a lot of water. They keep plenty of fluids in a cooler, some of which are frozen but by the end of the day, it’s all gone.

”A lot more water," said Austin. "I’d say we might go through about a case of water a day for the whole crew."

Even with water, the heat is taking a toll on workers, so they are forced to start work earlier in the day.

”You just got to take a break every now and then," said Peyton. "Maybe find some shade every now and then, but mainly it’s just trying to get it done early in the morning.”

This crew with Fort Hood Area Habitat for Humanity is just part of the thousands of Central Texas braving the heat to get the job done.